Fayetteville City Cemetery Photo Gallery

Cemetery Located in Fayetteville, Fayette County, Georgia on HWY 54


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(this site is still in progress, so pictures and captions on the linked pages will be updated frequently)


Some notes to help researchers:


A name listed in quotation marks at the end of a picture's caption (such as "Ivey," "Collier," "Cox," "Haugabrooks," etc.) is the name of the mortuary.


A name with an asterisk before it is from the "Black Section" of the cemetery  (it's a very old cemetery).


Names listed for the Black Section under "Not Pictured" are borrowed from an earlier cemetery inventory (in the 1970s)  for which I can't find the stone (possibly the stone is destroyed or buried, or else so worn I cannot read it.)


Sometimes there are two headstones for an individual; I took pictures of both and put them next to each other. (Occasionally the dates may be slightly different, but they should be close enough that you can tell they are the same person.)  


Names and dates listed in blue are unsure...perhaps they are my best guess from a worn or broken stone, or they may be data from a former cemetery inventory (I try to mention which) 

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